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Time is money

Internationally, Governments and Private Institutions have realised that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) saves time and money. Equillore is at the forefront of this dynamic industry in Africa.

We pride ourselves on driving towards settlement quickly with the aim of avoiding costly Court proceedings.


Mediation works

Equillore has settled over 45 000 cases for Government and Corporate Clients. 85% of matters settle after the first mediation meeting.

Together, Parties agree on the settlement terms that ensure that their interests are upheld and that a meaningful resolution of the dispute is achieved.

Stay in control

Equillore has developed a unique Case Management System geared towards ensuring comprehensive communication at each step of the dispute resolution process.

The web-based platform allows Clients, Mediators and   Parties to a dispute access to relevant information, case status and statistics in real time. 

Why Mediate?

  • No exorbitant legal fees
  • No unnecessary time delays – months to years with legal processes
  • Clear mandates for decision-making
  • The legal process is adversarial and destroys relationships
  • Focus on conciliation between Parties and future relationships
  • Outcomes are not unpredictable as in the Courts
  • There is no loser in a mediated Settlement

Mediation Benefits

  • Mediation resolves disputes without resorting to litigation
  • The Mediation process builds successful relationships
  • Mediations are private, confidential and without prejudice
  • Your attorney can still advise you
  • Through mediation parties find their own solutions
  • The process is solution driven and allows for creativity
  • Mediation leads to co-operation & win-win settlements

How does it work?

  • A party may refer a dispute to mediation at any stage, even once litigation has commenced.
  • Contact Equillore and we will engage the other Parties to the dispute and arrange for a mediation meeting
  • A legally trained and qualified Mediator will assist in identifying the points in dispute
  • Confidentiality creates an environment conducive to open, structured and focused negotiation
  • The Settlement Agreement is final and binding and can be made an Order of Court
Mediation Training

Equillore offers a 5-day training course for professionals seeking accreditation as professional mediators

About Us

The business of Equillore is to enable dispute settlement. We see it as our purpose to fundamentally change the way people prevent, manage and resolve disputes.

Equillore is a trusted, neutral third-party that offers modern dispute management processes whilst remaining rooted in legal tradition. We use a unique multi-tiered processing approach of conciliation, mediation and arbitration that is simple, innovative and integrates with the Court system.

Since 1997 Equillore has managed over 45 000 disputes in the last decade. This translates not only into major savings in terms of time and money but also helps safeguard key relationships.

Equillore is actively working with Public and Private sector stakeholders to alleviate the capacity burden on our currently overloaded Court system, thereby ensure access to justice. We believe that it is critical to give individuals an opportunity to settle disputes early and cost-effectively.

Equillore’s specialised business units offer proven turn-key solutions for Commercial,Public, Labour, Consumer, Environmental, Development, Property and Financial sectors.

  • 👥

    Majority Black Owned

    Equillore Group is a majority black owned company with B-BBEE level 10 credentials.

  • 📰

    DiSAC Accredited

    Equillore is one of only four accredited Mediation Service Providers in South Africa. Read more here.

  • 📰

    CCMA Accredited

    Equillore was recently selected by the CCMA to manage Labour Disputes.  Read more here.

  • 🎓

    Leading Mediator Panel

    Our panel of expert Mediators are all accredited by SAAM and in most cases have international accreditation. 

What others say about us

L Szabo

I wanted to say thank you for the manner in which you resolved the dispute between myself and Mr X. Before your appointment / intervention I was, quite literally getting absolutely nowhere as Mr. X was adopting a ‘so sue me’ attitude saying that the Consumer Protection Body was a watchdog without teeth!

Your endless patience / courtesy /  professionalism / clever suggestions were most appreciated, as was the final outcome which did, I must admit, exceed my expectations in this respect.

L Szabo
H Ward

I have recently been dealing with your mediator Mrs Keswa who has been acting as a mediator on a matter between myself and a Motor dealer.

If the service delivered by Mrs Keswa is a reflection of your company you must have an amazing organisation with an incredible staff contingent.  I did not believe that such efficient, professional and incredible service existed today and I salute you and your company.   It truly was a priviledge to deal with Mrs Keswa.

H Ward
Mr & Mrs Abrahamse

I would like to thank both of you for resolving this long standing frustration. It has not been easy. but finally we have our car and a warrantee for the first time & we are very satisfied.

Thanks again for your perseverance and assistance

It is highly appreciated.

Mr & Mrs Abrahamse
MR & Mrs Mc Millan

This is just a little email to say thank you for your assistance in sorting out our ‘almost’ year long battle with Mr X.

I must admit after telling us that he was in the process of liquidation ; we knew that he did not have any obligation to honour the contract signed – but somehow you managed to get water out of a rock !

MR & Mrs Mc Millan

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