Mediation Skills Training

Equillore’s five day commercial mediation course is designed to satisfy the requirements published by the Dept of Justice and Constitutional Development for the court-annexed mediation initiative scheduled for implementation in the South African courts in December 2014.

The pervasive acceptance of ADR today is creating exciting new opportunities for professionals looking to diversify their skills. Equillore’s internationally accredited trainers offer mediation skills and advocacy training courses that will open up exciting new career opportunities.

Successful candidates will be awarded accreditation as commercial mediators due to the affiliation with Equillore as a DiSAC accredited institution. On successful completion of the course, the acquired knowledge will result in appropriate application of skills for the effective mediation of civil & commercial disputes.

Course Details

A theoretical component consisting of: –

  • basic civil procedure;
  • a study of the court-annexed mediation rules;
  • the role and function of the mediator;
  • principles, stages and methodology of mediation;
  • social-context and diversity awareness;
  • conflict management;
  • decision-making;
  • communication and diplomacy;
  • ethics and professional conduct;
  • negotiation and influence;
  • interpersonal relations;
  • confidentiality, privacy and reporting obligations; and
  • neutrality and impartiality.

The following areas will be covered in more  practical detail over five days :-

  • What is mediation
  • The roles of the mediator
  • Impartiality and ethics
  • How to get started – Mediation Process
  • Effective communication
  • Negotiation
  • How to deal with difficult parties
  • Managing diversity
  • Court connected mediation
  • Role plays and role play Assessments

The role plays will be video-taped and made available to trainees. This will enable submission for international accreditation.

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