The current net result of commercial litigation, aside from its adversarial nature, is time-consuming, costly and the outcome unpredictable at best.

A matter can be referred by either party prior to, or once litigation has commenced. Our legally trained Commercial Mediators are able to pro-actively manage the settlement process, taking into consideration the importance of ongoing relationships and points of law.

Enabling you to focus on what is really important – your business.

Public Sector

The Department of Justice’s policy of enforcing organs of State to participate in mediation prior to the commencement of litigation reflects their commitment to alleviating the current capacity issues our courts are experiencing.

In 2013 it is realistic to wait 17 months for a High Court trial date. By opting to refer a matter to mediation one is ensured swift state participation and resolution of the matter without having to incur the time and cost expenditure associated with litigation.


Accredited as a CCMA service provider, Equillore has the authority to make an enforceable order in any Labour dispute.

Our national panel of 35 CCMA accredited mediators and arbitrators comprise of Senior Commissioners, Advocates and Attorneys with extensive expertise in the Labour field.

We offer a holistic approach from Change Facilitation, Dispute Resolution and Training to all stakeholders in the industry sector.


The South African consumer is now able to seek redress regarding any problem they may have with a product or service. Consumer rights have never seen stronger protection and mediation provides a time and cost effective alternative to legal proceedings.

Equillore has vast experience in a variety of consumer-related fields as a result of services offered to the Office of Consumer Protector, The Consumer Goods and Services Ombud as well as the Council for Medical Schemes.


Our multi-party Environmental mediation unit focuses on preventing, resolving and managing disputes that jeopardise development, the environment and social harmony.

Equillore is accredited by the Department of Environmental Affairs as a Service Provider.

Significant matters where our services have been required include the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site, the Western Cape Baboon Project and De Doorns xenophobic strife.


New Property Development requires consideration of social economic, environmental and human impact.

Equillore can assist Developers with a holistic preventative approach in order to avoid conflict between the stakeholders.

A multi-tiered holistic approach takes into consideration all stakeholders and facilitates successful development.


Equillore is the Dispute Resolution provider for National Association of Managing Agents.

Our panel of expert Sectional Title Mediators and Arbitrators provide recourse to any Community Scheme related dispute.

By engaging in Early Intervention or Mediation proceedings sectional Title Trustees and Body Corporate members will save money and time in your settlement.


Disputes arising between banks or insurance companies and customers achieve desirable resolution through mediation not only in terms of time and money saved as a result of avoiding litigation but moreover that critical business relationships are retained.

Equillore prides itself on handling finance-related grievances ensuring substantive equality between customers and financial institutions.

Our qualified panel of mediators draw on extensive experience in this field, ensuring that customers’ interests are protected.